Repair Option
Authorized Flood Grouting Dealer- Trenchless Pipe Repair

What Is “Trenchless Repair”? In order to Flood grout the pipe that is leaking you simply pour the products into the pipe at the highest point in the pipe and pump it out from the lowest point. You do not need to dig the pipe up in order to do the repair…you work with the two ends of the pipe that are exposed to the surface.

Conventional excavation repairs

Conventional repairs involve cutting and patching of the existing deck material in order to excavate down to the leaking pipe(s). This process is destructive in nature and it will leave a scare in the deck that you will see forever. Another negative aspect of this is when the homeowner sells his house the patch in the deck raises concerns about the condition of the pool and future problems that might arise.

Fiberglass Stair repair – including repainting

Fiberglass stairs that are not supported under the stair due to backfill being washed away can be resupported using our Flood Grouting technology. By drilling 2 small holes in the top tread and filling the empty cavity with a mixture of sand and PPG1 and once filled adding liquid PPG2 the result is a solid cement like backfill that fully supports the stair treads. All that needs to be done is to re-fiberglass in the cut outs.

Diving- liner repairs, tile grout repair, light niche:

Leak Detection GTA specialists also specialize in liner repair service for your pool liners and lock- in covers. We provide fast and professional service throughout GTA and surrounding areas of Toronto with over 10 years of experience. A familiar sight each season for many vinyl-liner pool owners is sags or gaps at the track that holds the liner in place. Extreme winter conditions affect the liners causing the vinyl to stretch and pop out at certain spots—most often at corners or where there is plastic trim in a concrete deck that meets with the pool coping. In many cases, the vinyl can be pulled up and snapped back into place in just a few minutes. Dive in! Why replace what we can repair?

Tile grout repair:

Grout is a thin mortar used for filling spaces between tiles. Grout does not strengthen or hold the tiles in any way. Rather, it prevents water from getting between the tiles and gives an aesthetically pleasing finished look to the tiled area. When replacing your grout, you can try to buy a color that matches the color of the tiles, buy a contrasting color, or even buy a neutral gray color. To get more information about tile grout repair contact our specialists at Leak Detection GTA and we will guide you how to repair grouting that is in bad condition.

Light niche:

The most efficient method to repair the leaking pool light niche is to buy something called a pool light niche cord leak plug. This is a black rubber plug that will fit around the wire of the pool light and into the inner part of the electrical conduit and then can be pressed it firmly to seal the niche.
The next step is to now push the pool light under the water and then wrap the cord around the outside of the light so that the extra bulk of the cord will fit back into the light niche. After wrapping up the cord, align the top of the light with the set screw hole and insert the head set screw and re-tighten the screw so the light will stay into place. For any repairs for pool light niche or need guidance on fixing do not hesitate. Contact specialists at Leak Detection GTA who are available to serve you 24 hrs. a day.

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•Cracks in the fiber glass stairs or gunite pool wall
•Cracking, lifting or sinking pool deck
•Waterlogged/moist lawn around the pool deck
•Frequently adding water to the pool (multiple times a week)
•Constantly adding salt (sal chlorination systems)
•Air bubbles coming out at the return jets
•Trouble priming the pool pump
•Floating vinyl liner



If you notice any of the symptoms from the list above then conducting a Bucket Test can provide further verification that a pool leak is present. The video below will show how to properly execute the Bucket Test. For further information or to request Leak Detection services please call or send us an inquiry online.

Toll Free 1-855-GTA-LEAK


Leak Detection GTA Guarantee - we will not charge our leak detection fee if we cannot find your leak...this is based on a positiveresult using the Leakalyzer. If the Leakalyzer determines that you do not have a leak a fee for the service call will be applied