Vinyl Leak Detector


Leak Detector

The LeakTrac 2200 utilizes proven technology to find vinyl liner leaks fast . . . without dye . . . without draining the pool . . . and without getting into the water. The LeakTrac 2200 eliminates the frustrating, expensive and time consuming task of visually inspecting every inch of a liner. While standing on the deck we are able to first establish a leaks general area, then pinpoint even the smallest leaks in minutes. This technology is effective in any water containing vessel with an electrically insulating shell, (vinyl, fiberglass, acrylic, etc.)


The sophisticated, but simple to use device puts a small electrical charge into the pool water. This charge seeks to make a connection to the ground. Since the pool liner is a good electrical insulator, the only ground connections are through conductive penetrations in the liner. The LeakTrac detects electrical current flow in the water as it seeks these ground connections, and produces audible signals that lead us to the exact location of the leak.


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