Plumbing Lines

Our experienced team at Leak Detection GTA use a combination of conventional and advanced methods to identify and pinpoint any plumbing leaks in your pool plumbing. From inspecting the equipment to pressure testing every line in your pool, if water is finding a way to get out of your pool we will certainly find a way to stop it!

Things to look for:

  • Air bubbles coming from the return lines
  • Water around the equipment area
  • Cracked faceplates or gaskets
  • Trouble priming the pump

With our state-of-the-art equipment and methodology, we can find all kinds of concealed leaks, no matter where in your plumbing they may be hiding.

  • Waterfalls and a variety of water features
  • Beneath concrete and asphalt
  • Irrigation systems
  • In-Floor radiant heat systems


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