Listening Devices

We use the listening devices which are specially designed to pick up vibrations underground. They allow us to accurately locate plumbing leaks by sensing the "sound" air makes when escaping from a leak into saturated soil. The two listening devices we use have proven to be the best available for the swimming pool industry.


The Geophone accurately locates leaks in buried plumbing lines, by mechanically transmitting leak sounds and vibrations directly to your ears through a stethoscope type headpiece. Bubbling and gurgling noises are created by pressurizing the leaking line with no more than 20 psi of air pressure. By moving the sensing heads over the path of the pressurized line, you determine where the loudest sound is the leak will be directly beneath this point. This is a very easy and accurate leak detector to use.

XLT30 - Electronic Listening Device

The XLT-30 takes leak detection to a new level with advanced electronic amplification and filtering. A touch pad control panel along with an easy to read digital display helps seal out moisture and enables even the novice to become proficient at leak detection.

The advanced microprocessor enables enhancement of the weakest sounds like those in non-metallic pipes or those in sound muffling conditions. The XLT-30 is also designed to reject most loud interfering noises like wind, motors, and traffic.


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