Hidden Costs - if not Repaired:

Any kind of damage can totally harm your pool and may cause you to spend extensively to get the pool fixed and working for summer. Our team of experts at Leak detection GTA can repair all sort of minor or major issues concerning your pool. If not maintained properly, formation of algae can cause damage to the liner, pool wall and tiles in the pool. Bacteria formation over different parts of the pool can develop causing a health hazard to bathers.

The most obvious costs that you will incur if the leaking is not dealt with are:

  • cost of replacement water
  • cost of chemicals to maintain a balanced pool
  • salt if you have a Chlorine generator
  • energy costs to heat the replacement pool water
  • damage to pool equipment due to chemicals out of balance
  • structural damage to the pool deck
  • damage to pool walls - vinyl pools with steel walls
  • structural damage to pool shell - gunite and fiberglass
  • ground shifting causing damage to pool plumbing lines

When your cannot fix leaks in your pool you can trust our services. We have extensive experience in construction and renovations of pools. For any leaks in the pool and need service contact us online at www.leakdetectiongta.com. Or can call us @ 1-855-gta-leak. For pool leak detection and pool repair service do not hesitate to give us a call...our team is just a phone call away!