Leak Detection GTA uses state-of-the-art equipment to find your leaks fast and cost effectively

The Leakalyzer, just one of our advanced tools, enables rapid determination of a pool's water loss. It measures water level changes to within a 10,000th of an inch, enabling leaks to be identified in as little as 5 minutes. The Leakalyzer is so sensitive that water loss of less than a gallon from a 20' x 40' swimming pool is readily indicated.

About Leak Detection GTA

Leak Detection GTA specialists have over 10 years of experience in the precise, non-destructive detection of all types of leaks in pools and spas. Our team is comprised of highly skilled technicians with extensive training offered by industry leaders. Combined with years of practical experience gained in the field on all types of leaks, from cracks in the plumbing to invisible pinholes in a vinyl liner, we strive to be the best in our field!

What we do

Our job is to find your pool leak. If you have a leak we Guarantee to find it or you don’t pay! Our technicians employ every means currently available to find the source and cause of your problem. From identifying recent work or structural changes, analyzing weather patterns in the area, inspecting the current state of the pool equipment and using our advanced tools, not only do we find your leak(s) but we will fix the problem too! We are able to dive into your pool to patch small leaks on your vinyl liner, repair leaks in light niches, gasket replacements, structural crack repairs on gunite pools including tile and grout repairs. We are able to repair all types of pool pipe leaks including the repair or replacement of pool equipment. We also provide “Leak Status Verification” for pool owners, insurance companies and realtors.




Flood Grouting

Leak Detection GTA is the exclusive dealer for Flood Grouting, a two part chemical system used to repair pipes underground without digging the pipes up. No other leak detection or service company can provide this repair system for your swimming pool plumbing. This Trenchless Pipe Technology is a proven system developed in Germany more than 17 years ago. No more unsightly and costly patches scarring your pool deck where the plumbing lines were dug up and repaired.

Learn more about this amazing product at www.floodgrouting.com


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•Cracks in the fiber glass stairs or gunite pool wall
•Cracking, lifting or sinking pool deck
•Waterlogged/moist lawn around the pool deck
•Frequently adding water to the pool (multiple times a week)
•Constantly adding salt (sal chlorination systems)
•Air bubbles coming out at the return jets
•Trouble priming the pool pump
•Floating vinyl liner



If you notice any of the symptoms from the list above then conducting a Bucket Test can provide further verification that a pool leak is present. The video below will show how to properly execute the Bucket Test. For further information or to request Leak Detection services please call or send us an inquiry online.

Toll Free 1-855-GTA-LEAK


Leak Detection GTA Guarantee - we will not charge our leak detection fee if we cannot find your leak...this is based on a positiveresult using the Leakalyzer. If the Leakalyzer determines that you do not have a leak a fee for the service call will be applied